"Wild Pitchers, Peaceful Catchers"

Found in Ch1 of We are a Team

8 pgs

Approx 10mins

In their book We are a Team, Shaun and Amy Gustafson unpack at length some simplistic yet brilliant advice and perspectives to help couples win in marriage.

Our favorite chapter is, “Wild Pitchers, Peaceful Catchers” where Amy speaks during a men’s Q&A group at church encouraging the men when communicating to think of marriage as if they were on a pro sports team.

“Have you ever watched a college or major league baseball game and seen a pitcher throw a wild pitch the catcher had to run after? Have you ever then seen the catcher run for the ball, look back at the pitcher and say, ‘If you're going to make me run for the ball, then I’m going to get you back and make your run for it too!’ as he proceeds to throw a wild ball for the pitcher to chase?”

Amy continues to say that

“No one would make it to college or Pro level if they had that mindset like that because it isn’t being team minded, yet many couples act this way in marriage all of the time and think it’s normal”

Shaun and Amy make several other references that couples should view their marriage as if they were riding a jet ski or snowmobile together. When riding these types of recreational vehicles the driver and passenger might have to lean a certain direction to make sure that the jet ski or snowmobile doesn’t tip over.

“It’s the same in relationships. If we see our spouse or loved one is having a bad day or going through a challenge in life, the best thing we can do if they lean the wrong direction is to overcompensate in the right direction. Showing compassion and empathy to stabilize the team helps to prevent a rollover.”

The first chapter is all about ensuring that your marriage is a team. That team helps to win together even if your spouse or kids aren’t acting their best, you are still part of the team. This book is a great read with your spouse. My wife and I read this after our children went to bed, and we read just one chapter a day!

About the Authors

Shaun and Amy Gustafson

Shaun and Amy Gustafson are passionate for helping others discover joy in their journey and have a heart for sharing Christ's love. One of their greatest joys personally, next to time with family and loved ones, is encouraging leaders and pastors to run their race and stay in the game. In their free time, they enjoy ATV riding, boating, camping, picnics at the lake, and taking walks in nature. Shaun and Amy are authors, conference speakers, and lead pastors of High Point Church in Rochester, MN. You can visit their website at highpointchurch.com